Old technique - New technology :  'Jara' and first experiments with ink, saline and ceramics.     
  Ceramics, paper and wood microscopic structure    This project’s experiments flow through three different porous materials. A look at the microscopic inner structure reveals the different structure and opportunities of water absorption in each material.   
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  Patterns.  Duplicating the cut created a complex and changing and controlled patterns.   
 Trying to go from two dimensional paper to 3D and depth of material: Experiments with layers of paper and a drop of water.
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     Simple shapes with complex internal structure   Searching for the right look and feel of the design language, I decided to investigate the inner structure of fruits and vegetables, as these are the juiciest parts of the plant, and have a smart mechanism conveying water inside. The conclusion was designing simple shapes that have complex internal structure.   
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Water based color palette
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    From the exhibition of 2016 finals at Bezalel :
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