Experimenting the Light conductive "skin"

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shade light borderline

An offer for a robot.

The gecko lives on the borderline between light and shade and moves forward along it. It’s completely affected by this borderline, confined to only walk on the line. When it’s not on the line, the gecko will keep searching for it. When the line does not exist (in total darkness), it goes into coma. The condition for awakening from a coma is the amount of light that can transmit an electric current in a photovoltaic cell.

Camouflage? The gecko is covered with translucent skin made of glass balls at the ends of optic fibers, which transfer the light from the illuminated half of the gecko's back to its shaded half.

The traces that the gecko leaves behind are the drawing of the borderline on which it followed.

Thus, if it is in a closed room it will be able to track and mark the "frames" of the sunlight that emanates from the window throughout the day and its changes. And if it is on the line of the shadow of a dancer, it could trace and draw her movements during the dance.


The project was made as part of the "I Robot" course at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Advisor: Zemer Sat